How Can I Cancel my Flight and Get Refund on JetBlue?

Sometimes we plan to visit someplace and purchase a flight ticket for going there quickly, but things & incidents can happen any time with anyone. If you got any sudden change in your planning and are unable to attend your flight somehow and you’re worrying about cancelling your ticket.

How to Cancel JetBlue Flight?

Stop stressing out if you’ve booked your flight ticket with JetBlue Airlines, as they’ve introduced the easiest ways to cancellation of flight tickets. Keeping the comfort of passengers in mind, JetBlue airways have made cancellation easier for their passengers so that they don’t need to think twice before booking with them. There are various easy methods through which you can easily cancel JetBlue flight.

Is JetBlue Allowing Flight Cancellations?

You can easily cancel your flight ticket with JetBlue airways and ask for a refund once your cancellation request gets accepted. Refund of the tickets depends upon the type of ticket you’ve purchased; it must be refundable. You have to check the eligibility of the ticket, whether it is refundable or not.

Cancellation & Refund Policy of JetBlue Airways:

All the tickets can be easily cancelled within 24 hours of booking a flight under one condition i.e. if you’ve purchased the ticket at least 7 days prior to the scheduled flight departure date according to JetBlue flight cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel your flight ticket and do a “no-show”, you can ask for a refund and the cost of your whole ticket price will be charged as a fine. you can call the helpline at 800-JET-BLUE (538-2583). There are mainly two types of tickets divided by JetBlue airways stated below:

Standard Ticket:

If you’ve purchased a standard ticket, then you can follow jetblue cancellation policy before 24 hours being done of your flight booking, if you’ve purchased that flight ticket minimum one week earlier the fixed flight departure date.

If you’ve booked your flight via TrueBlue points and you’ve now cancelled your ticket, you will still get your refund back in your TrueBlue account in point form like earlier. Apart from TrueBlue points, if you have purchased your flight ticket by paying money, your refund will be credited back to your account within one week after your cancellation process gets done completely.

What are Refundable Tickets on JetBlue?

If you have chances of getting changes in your flight and you think that there are chances you have to cancel your flight, then you must purchase refundable tickets. Refundable tickets are a little more expensive than the standard ticket but they facilitate you to easily get back your refund. Your money is refunded easily when you cancel your refundable ticket. So, if you think cancellation or something can happen, then must prefer purchasing a refundable flight ticket for your safer side.

Cancellation Policy after Covid-19:

  • If you purchase flight ticket with JetBlue airways earlier than 31st May 2021, then you’re eligible to make any kind of changes and cancellation of flight with paying any fees.
  • Refund will be credited to your JetBlue travel bank if you cancel your taking while this period for any reason.
  • You can use your money credited in your JetBlue travel bank for purchasing flight ticket before the completion of 12 months.
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