This Privacy Notice sets out how Holidayglobes, registered at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958 USA, USA, and its associated trading names, protects the privacy of your personal information We accept and understand the importance of your personal data, and we are dedicated to keep your privacy and protecting your personal information data information.

1.What is the information we collect and why
We have to collect, make use of it and then disclose your personal information to act our duties as being a travel agent, and perform in making and managing the flight bookings on behalf of our customers. At the time of our relationship we might collect the following information from you:

A. Personal contact details, such as full name, telephone, contact details, address, and email address
B. Passport number, Nationality and Date of birth - if is needed by the respective airline
C. Payment information: Such as Card number, Expiry date, Security number, and Cardholder Name
D. Passengers Numbers, Hotel room preferences, Car rental programme (if it is applicable)
E. Health issues or the Dietary requirements if anyone is relevant to your travel arrangements or if it is required by the relevant travel service providers such as tour providers or accommodation needed
F. Information is provided by you is by filling the online forms on our websites such as email address, where you have heard about us and your travel preferences. This information will be used to keep you up to the mark with all our latest offers and products or services
G. Call recordings - Calls are recorded for the purposes of quality control
H. Social media - Through interacting with the social media on our website such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you will be bound by the privacy policies in respect of the social media enterprise
I. IP address and cookies - When you make use of our website then at the same time our servers may record data related to your device and the network you are using, along with your IP address

2.How will we collect this information?
We generally collect your personal data from the information which you have submitted to us. The above information will be collected from the following sources:

A. Information generates when you buy or make enquiries for the same, in regard to a travel arrangement; through the phone, email or the website
B. When you subscribe to receive notification from us, such as e-newsletters
C. When you talk to our customer support executive
D. When you enter into competitions or register yourself for the promotions

In some cases, it is necessary for us to collect personal information about you through a third party. This includes when a person initiates a travel booking on your behalf which included travel arrangements that are used by you, such as a family or a group booking or a travel booking made for you by the employer. When this occurs, we will have trust in the person for making the travel booking on behalf of any other traveller.
When you make a travel booking on behalf of another person, such as a family or group booking or the travel booking or for an employee, you have to obtain the consent of the other person for us to collect, disclose or make use of the other person's personal information in accordance to the Notice.

3. What we make use of your personal data for and what is the lawful basis for doing so?
3.1 Contractual
A. In order to perform our duties as the travel agent. The significance is not of providing the information that we will not able to complete your booking.
B. Personal data and contact details are used for the purposes of completing the travel bookings which you have made on our site. Simultaneously, passport numbers, payment information, dietary requirements. Date of birth, and the frequent flyer numbers

3.2 Legitimate Interest
A. For the direct marketing communications and related profiling help us to offer you the best products and services, including in deciding whether to offer you certain products and service or not
B. Your information may be use for broader reasons, such as: to give you the travel confirmation and keep updated on your itinerary, to manage your booking and to allow us to contact you through the customer service team.
C. We might use your personal information data to send you the targeted marketing activities, such as special offers, new products and service or competitions. These may include emails, data messages and text messages. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can ask us in writing for the same

3.3 With your consent
A. In some situations, we may collect and process your data with your acceptance. For example, when you click on a box to receive email or newsletters, then your personal information may be used, with your explicit consent, to send you relevant promotional fares.

4. With whom we share your personal data?
We can share your personnel information with the following organization:
A. Primary suppliers: Such as hotels, airlines, transfer providers, tour operators, cruise lines, car rental and activity providers who fulfil your travel reservation process
B. An individual makes a third-party reservation, on your behalf
C. Third parties who provide services on our behalf, including credit card processing, fraud prevention, business analytics
D. As an authorized by the applicable law, and you to comply with our legal obligations

5. Your rights
Below is a few is the list of the rights that you have regarding the personal information that we process. You have the right to
A. Confirm with us that we are processing your personal data
B. Request to make use of the personal data we hold
C. Have data amended if it is improper or incomplete
D. Request that we delete your personal data if there is no further reason for its continued processing
E. Request that we remove your request for the same
If you wish to make use of the above rights, please contact us at for providing details of your request.

6. IP addresses
While you visit our website, can make use of our mobile applications or can have open communications with us, else our servers may record personal data regarding your device and the network which you are using to connect with us, along with the IP address.
We may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to track and check non- personal data. For example, to monitor the device, which browser been used and geographic locations from where customers and visitors can navigate our site.

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy
We may update or change this Privacy Policy in the coming future. We will keep notifying you about the material changes to the Privacy Policy by mailing you a notice on the registered email address which you provide to us, or by putting a notice on our website.

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