With these Terms and Conditions, along with the other written information we brought notice to you while the process of confirming your booking, on Holidayglobes Kindly read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Holidayglobes website or before making any bookings. You accept the Terms and Conditions when you assess the Site. If in case you do not agree with any part of the Terms and Conditions, you cannot access the website with any method or while making a booking.

All communications in regard to the customer service or your booking need to be forwarded to the Holidayglobes.com 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958 USA or drop an email to:info@Holidayglobes

While initiating a booking we, as a representative, would organize you to join an agreement with the principals or other suppliers such as tour operator or cruise firm or airline or lodging firm etc. as it is mentioned on your receipts. We can book for you a holiday deal, in which you need to hold one agreement along with the principal, or we can reserve the services, make up your trip with the various principals or suppliers, in some instance you may have different agreements with every one of them.
As a representative, we take no responsibility for the actions or cuts of the principals or suppliers or for the services offered by them. The principal’s or supplier’s Terms & Conditions would relate you to your reservation, and we recommend that you read them properly as they do hold important details about your booking. Kindly request for copies of these if you do not hold them.

Passengers must be sure that all the names and timings are correct on the basis of their passports and that the travel itinerary is not wrong. Changes may not be allowed after the tickets are provided to the passengers and alterations can make additional charges.

During the time of booking, all details will be read back for you with the respective details will be confirmed with the principals or with the suppliers. The receipt of all the travel documents please check that all the details such as names, timings, and dates are accurate and notify us immediately if any changes has been done. Also, please note that all the tickets supplied are non-changeable, non-refundable, and non-transferable unless stated.

The booking information which is provided to us will be passed with the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements or the other particular persons who are a part of the provision of your travel arrangements. Further, if it is required by any authorities, or it is required by law, the information will be provided to the public authorities such as c immigration or customs. This applies to all the important information that you have provided such as details of any disabilities, or dietary or religious requirements. This information will be passed to the security or to the credit checking companies. For instance, if you are travelling to the United States, then the US Customs and Border Protection will receive the information for the purposes of preventing and protecting terrorism and other transnational serious crimes. If you are travelling outside the European Economic Area, then the data protection may not be as strong as the legal arrangements in this country. If we cannot pass this information to the concerned suppliers, whether in the EEA or not, we will be unable to provide you’re the booking. While making this booking, your consent to this information will be passed on to the relevant persons. Full details on our data protection policy are only available on the request.

Airfares are decided on the basis of the ticket only. If there is any problem with the payment, we will notify you as soon as possible through email and or through the phone. Else, we will send you the ticket within 48 hours of the scheduled booking with us.

The free baggage allowance is offered to the passenger which is based on the route, class or cabin seating and also as per the norms of the Individual airline. Airlines charge an extra fee for the checked-in baggage, or for the additional baggage or other voluntary services and many more. Please contact the airlines straight for the current updates with concern to the baggage payment, weight and sizes of the bags.

Passengers need to be at the airport 3 hours from the scheduled departure as tickets cannot be refunded or changed because of a no show at the airport.

A passenger holds responsibility for all the travel documentation plus visas. Visas might be needed for the whole journey both for the destination and for the transit. Visas need to be acquired prior to the tickets have been issued.

Customers are required to make the instalment payment or the whole amount at the time of booking. If only a part payment has been made, then the balance has to be paid on or before the scheduled due date. Failing to do so may result in the cancellation of the booking by the principals or suppliers. This may involve cancellation fees on the basis of their Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, mentioned in the booking conditions or recommended making all the amount paid for the bookings on behalf of the principals or on the suppliers concerned.
All costs shown for travel administrations are mentioned in the GBP (pounds sterling)?

Written cancellation or the amendment request will be forwarded by you, and it will not react until it is received by us. On the basis of booking or the cancellation or the amendments, the principal or the supplier can charge the cancellation or amendment fee on the basis of the Terms and Conditions which sometimes be 100% of the total cost
If you want to change any of the items, then increasing the number of persons in your party or on the booking, you have to make a payment for the modification fees of the GBP 50.00 per booking, along with the airline or supplier charges. From the time to time we are compelled to gather extra taxes. You will be notified about the extra taxes before the ticket issuance or the re-issuance. After the ticket issuance, many of the airlines do not permit to make any modifications.
Neither Holidayglobes nor its principal or supplier will charge any kind of cancellation, or delayed boarding and no refunds will be provided.

We actively suggest you take out sufficient travel insurance in order to cover up you and your party as many of the principals or the concerned suppliers require you to do on the basis of the condition of reservation with them. Some specific destinations have made travel Insurance compulsory, hence we will suggest you check with the relevant embassy or Commonwealth Office and the Foreign. These compulsory insurance cover may cover you and your party against the cost of cancellation of tickets made by you; the cost of assistance along with repatriation in the event of the accident or illness; loss of baggage and money; and other expenses and many more. Insurance may also cover you against the financial failure of the principals or the suppliers of your travel arrangements.
The insurance provided by us, suggest you please check it carefully to ensure that all the details and all the relevant information provided by you is correct. Failing to provide correct information may affect the insurance cover.

Holidayglobes is leading in global flights and in holiday packages. All Money paid by you for the flight or holidays is ATOL protected by ATOL that is the Civil Aviation Authority.
Only flights plus arrangement, flight and packages involve flights (air packages) purchased from Holidayglobes in and departing from the UK, are protected under our ATOL 3517 by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), excluding scheduled flights when e-tickets are sent to you.
Whereas the majority of our travel arrangements are protected by the ATOL in case of the financial failure of the travel company, with the ATOL scheme, ATOL protection is not applied to all the flights, holiday and travel services which are booked with Holidayglobes. It is recommended to get it confirmed as to what protection may apply to you. Booking which did not have to receive an ATOL Certificate will not be ATOL protected. Further, if you do receive an ATOL Certificate also all the parts of your trip are not listed on it, then those parts will not come under ATOL protection.
A Flight-Plus is where you purchase from us, at the same time or within a day off, a flight plus overseas accommodation and or car hire from separate suppliers (that is not a package holiday). On all Flight-Plus holiday arrangements, your money is under the ATOL protected which refers to that you can continue with your holiday or receive a refund of the amount paid to us in the unlikely event of our insolvency or on the insolvency of your service providers. Please keep a note that we have no liability beyond the insolvency so to set out in the ATOL scheme because we act as an agent of the principals or on the suppliers.
In regard to our Flight-Plus holidays, please keep the below points in mind:
Holidayglobes or the concerned suppliers of the services you have bought will provide you with the services you have bought or a suitable alternative. In some cases, neither we nor the supplier able to do insolvency, and an alternative ATOL holder will provide you with the services you have bought or a suitable alternative at no extra cost to you. You agree to accept those in the circumstances, but the alternative ATOL holder will perform those obligations, and you agree to pay outstanding money to be paid by you under the contract to the alternative ATOL holder. However, you can also agree in some of the cases that it is not possible to appoint an alternative ATOL holder, in which you will be able to make a claim under the ATOL scheme or your credit card issuer will be applicable
If we or the concerned suppliers can identify you on ATOL certificate, then are unable to provide the services listed or a suitable alternative, through an alternative ATOL holder or for the reasons of insolvency, the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust do make a payment or to confer a benefit on or under the ATOL scheme. You accept that in return for such a payment or benefit will put you absolutely to those Trustees for any claims which you have or may have to arise out of or relating any claim against us, or non-provision of the services of the travel agent (or your credit card issuer where applicable). You also agree that any such claims can be re-assigned to another body if that other body already has paid the sum amount of money that you have claimed under the ATOL scheme.

All documents such as invoices or tickets or Insurance policies all that requires to be posted that will be sent to you by post. Once all the documents are posted to you, no liability will be accepted by Holidayglobes unless there is any loss of documents are caused due to the negligence. In such cases, if the tickets or the other documents need to be reissued, then all the costs should be paid by you. You can request for delivery by other means if it is necessary. Whereas, this might be included with the additional costs.

We can provide general information in regard to the passport and visa requirements in regard to your trip, it is your sole responsibility to get them confirmed from the relevant Embassies and or the Consulates. Neither we nor the principals or nor the suppliers accept any of the responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not able to produce with such of the requirements. Please take note that for all air travel within the British Isles, airlines require photographic identification of a specific type.
Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months past the period of your stay.
ESTA visa is an important requirement for all USA bound travel, plus transiting the USA and ETA visa is a necessary requirement for all Australia bound travel plus transiting Australia. If your flight has an alteration involving the two separate airports with the path, it is your duty to arrange or transfer to the correct airport and also check the transit visa needs positively. Further, holidaygloves.com is not responsible for any kind of VISA regulations. Please do refer to the relevant embassy or to the consulate for this detail.
Though holidaygloves.com can provide you with the general health recommendation and the formalities which are involved in your booking, it is your sole responsibility to check with your own doctor for your specific situations. Proposed vaccinations for travel might alter at any point in time. It is your duty to get all the needed vaccinations, all needed medication and also follow all medical guidance in the same connection to it.
United States of America has implemented New passport rules for Travellers, that anyone who is travelling to the US for holidays or business below is the Visa Waiver Program, which needs to have the newest Biometric Passport or a Machine-Readable Passport that has an electronic chip as well, even if the electronic visa has been permitted. The biometric passport has multiple lines, that can be swiped by the US Customs or the Immigration or the Border Protection officers, which will be rapidly verified to the passport holder's identity and also gather other details about the holder.
VWP visitors coming to the US without the Biometric Passport will lead to being refused entry into the country. Travelers amid the VWP countries are compelled to check their passport to the issuing authority to own a biometric passport. Travelers with an instant travel plan, the one who is not able to have such passport needs to apply for a US visa at the relevant embassy or consulate.
We need Passport details for Pakistan Airlines, Jet Airways, Air India because the airlines do not allow us to issue the ticket without the completion of the passport information. You may have received an e-mail from our side with all the details on your updated e-mail address. In case of a delay in response, the airline can cancel your seat, and you may have to pay the flight fare difference for the new flight booking as fares are subject to the availability of the seats.

Please be sure that all your travel, visa, passport, and insurance documents are in proper order and that you can arrive in plenty of time for the purpose of checking in at the airport. It is necessary to reconfirm your flight with the airline prior to scheduled departure. Please do ask us for the details' information at least 72 hours before your outbound flight. You must take note of any reference number or contact name while reconfirming. If you fail to reconfirm this may result in the refused permission to board the aircraft, and you are unlikely to receive any refund.

After the booking, Holidayglobes sends you an affirmation email that determines that Holidayglobes has accepted your service booking demand. Please keep in mind that this mail is only an acknowledge of your purchase and the last verification will be given in the wake of checking the accessibility of your service that you asked for from the principal or the concerned supplier.

At the capacity of agents, Holidayglobes will help you with any complaints. You may contact our Customer Support Services for further assistance. However, the contracts for your travel arrangements is between you or the principals and with the suppliers, any queries or concerns relating to the travel arrangements will be addressed to them. If you have a problem on holiday, this can be reported to the principal or the supplier or their local supplier or agent immediately. If you were not able to follow this procedure, there will be less opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint. If you wish to complain while you return home, just write to the principal or the supplier. You will see the name and address plus contact details in any confirmation documents which has been sent to you.

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