How Do I Choose a Seat in Bahamasair?

Bahamasair is the carrier of Bahamas, with its headquarters located in Nassau. Bahamasair provides the best experiences and non-tedious services to its passengers regarding ticket bookings and travel-related things. For its seat selections especially, Bahamasair provides the option to book a seat in advance with its airline to make the user experience great.

How Do I Choose my Seat after Booking a Flight to Bahamasair?

You are eligible for Bahamas seat selection after searching and visiting the airline portal. You can choose your seat with ease, along with provided seat selection police to take care of all your flying needs.

What are the Steps involved to Select a Seat with Bahamasair?

Start with visiting the official portal of Bahamasair. Following this, go to the My Trip section, and enter the confirmation number and last name to access the option of managing your booking. You can select the booking to opt for the seat. With the seat map provided, you can call +1-888-595-2181 for seat selection with greater ease. Choose to pay the applicable fee for your preferred seat. Upon the selection of the seat, you would receive the confirmation mail.

You are eligible to book your ticket with a web check-in process with the online portal. To access this feature, go to the homepage of Bahamasair and select the check-in option. This would enable you to select the seat, and choose your details of payment.

How Do I Select Seats in Bahamasair?

  • Bahamasair seat selection policy makes it clear about the given set of rules and regulations. If the passenger needs extra space, it could be addressed at the time of booking your tickets. The agent of reservation can further provide you aid in case you need two adjacent seats.
  • If you have forgotten to book the extra space at the time of booking, you are still eligible to ask the airport staff to help you purchase the additional seat. In case of an available seat, you would be provided with the next empty seat.
  • You can further select your preferred seat in advance after paying a small fee for seat selection. Though, as per policy guidelines, you are not eligible to book a seat in the emergency exit row, front row of the airline, and the area where the service trays are located.

What is the Cost of Booking a Seat with Bahamasair?

You can manage seat booking with Bahamasair with affordable fees. Though it is not charged a large amount, you have to pay a substantial amount to have your seat booked with the airline. For the exact charges of the flight, you can contact the reservation department of the airline to know the exact fares for the preferred seats. For any third-party bookings of the seat with the airline, you can directly contact your travel agent to discuss the ticket charges.

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