How Do I Contact ITA Airways about Lost Baggage?

Need to reach ITA Airways regarding lost baggage? Refer to this blog to connect with reliable resources for airline inquiries. Whether you're tracking down misplaced luggage or seeking assistance with baggage claims, HolidayGlobes provides direct access to ITA Airways' customer service.

How to Contact ITA Airways Lost and Found?

If you’ve lost something while flying with ITA Airways, don’t worry – getting it back is easier than you might think. You can call ITA Airways lost and found Phone Number at +39 06 85960020 if you're dialing internationally, or +1-888-595-2181 if you're in the United States. Talking to a representative can quickly get the ball rolling to locate your missing items.

If you prefer email, just send a message with all the details to, and they’ll help you track down your belongings. You can also visit ITA Airways' website and go to the Lost & Found section. There, you’ll find an online form where you can describe your lost item and provide your contact information. This makes it easy for the airline to reach out to you once your item is found. These options ensure you can efficiently and effectively recover your lost possessions.

How Do I Claim Lost Baggage on ITA?

To claim lost baggage with ITA Airways, follow these steps for a smoother process. First, promptly report your lost luggage by filing a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) at the airport upon arrival or directly online if possible. Include detailed descriptions of your bag and its contents to aid in its recovery.

Keep in touch with lost and found department via ITA Phone Number: +39 06 85960020 or +1-888-595-2181. It’s crucial to act swiftly; typically, airlines retain found items for approximately 20 days. After 45 days without recovery post-P.I.R., the luggage is deemed permanently lost.

Be proactive and provide any requested documentation or receipts to support your claim. The airline will work diligently to locate and return your belongings, ensuring you stay informed throughout the process. Taking these steps promptly enhances your chances of a successful resolution.

Does ITA Airways Lose Luggage?

Does ITA Airways sometimes misplace luggage? Like any airline, ITA Airways aims for a smooth travel experience but occasionally, luggage may be lost despite their efforts. In such cases, ITA Airways has procedures in place to handle the situation promptly and professionally.

If your luggage is misplaced, ITA Airways begins a thorough search that lasts 45 days from when you report the loss. They work diligently to locate and return your belongings to you during this time. If the luggage isn’t found within this period, ITA Airways adheres to established protocols for compensation and refunds based on applicable laws.

Rest assured, ITA Airways is dedicated to assisting passengers affected by these situations, so worry less and keep in touch more. Call HolidayGlobes to know more how to get connected with the ITA customer service. They are here for you 24/7.

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