Can you Fly Delta while Pregnant?

Sometimes it’s the will and sometimes it’s the need, regardless of the situation you are in, there are always some reasons behind planning your trip. Now, if you are traveling when pregnant on Delta Airlines, you should be well aware about the amenities and benefits you can get from Delta which can be explored on this page of HolidayGlobes.

How Do I Book a Flight for a Pregnant Lady for Delta?

If you are concerned about the flight booking for a pregnant passenger, you should know that you can book the ticket as you book normally for any other passenger. There is no hard and fast rule for Delta Airlines Pregnancy Policy. However, below are the simple steps to book your flights with Delta Airlines:

  • Go to the homage of the official Delta Airlines Website.
  • Then, you will see the “Book” option
  • Select your current destination and desired destination
  • Select the number of passengers
  • Now hit the “Go” aero and you’re done with your booking.

How Many Weeks Pregnant can you Fly with Delta?

There is no strict policy with Delta Airlines for pregnant passengers. However, if you want to travel after eight months of your pregnancy, you need to make sure you are traveling with the permission of your doctor. Apart from this, you need to be extra careful about your health, so keep your important medicines with you. It’s advisable not to travel alone when you’re pregnant. Always accompany someone with you during these months of time. However, Delta Pregnancy Policy has no strict restrictions when you fly with pregnancy.

Do Babies Need Birth Certificates to Fly Delta?

Yes, you need to provide a birth certificate to the Delta Airlines authority in order to get your child’s seat approved. However, the child up to 2 years of age can travel by sitting on the lap of an adult. But it is also recommended that you should carry a birth certificate to show to the gate agents. You cannot book tickets for your infant online; you can only book via customer care service.

You can contact 00 1 800-221-1212 or 1-888-595-2181 which is the official Delta Airlines Phone Number for the US. One of the representatives will attend to you to make the ticket booking.

What are the Requirements for Flying with a Baby on Delta?

Here are below pointers you need to look into before you fly with your baby on Delta Airlines:

From the age of 2 years old (sitting on the lap) need to buy a ticket before they fly on Delta Airlines. Also, children from 2 years will be charged 10% of the adult fare. It is important that the infant should not travel alone. They must be accompanied by someone adult at least 18 years of age.

Children who are 2 years old and more (Sitting on their own seats) will require a ticket to travel and they should not travel alone. He/she needs to travel with adult passengers at least 18 years of age. Also, there might be country-specific discounts may apply to the ticket.

How can you Add Infant-in-Arms to your Seat?

If you are traveling with your infant who is under 2 years of age, you can travel with your child for free. You just have to follow the below instruction and you can add your child to your ticket.

  • Go to “My Trips”
  • Go to the “Special Service Requests” and select “Open” under the infant child icon.
  • By clicking the “+” button, you will get to see Request Infants In-Arms.
  • This way you will be able to add your infant to your ticket.

When you have accurate information, you travel stress-free. That’s why it’s important that you are equipped with the right knowledge partner and HolidayGlobes is the one for you. Stay tuned for more such travel-related information.

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