How Do you Get a Free Bag on Sun Country?

When you are flying with Sun Country Airlines it is advisable that you are well aware of the baggage policy so that you do not have to face any inconvenient losses throughout your journey. This blog by HolidayGlobes lets you peek into the details on how you can get a free bag on Sun Country along with getting other relevant data.

How much are Bag Fees for Sun Country?

You are entitled to one complimentary under-seat item when you fly with Sun Country. Prices vary based on when you make your payment if you need to bring more luggage. If you select the option while making your reservation, you can bring a carry-on for $30 or less, and your first checked bag will cost $30 or less as well. At the time of booking, your second and third checked bags will cost $40.

You'll pay $38 for a carry-on or first checked bag if you choose your bag option before completing the online check-in process. Waiting till you get to the airport will cost you $45 instead. If you need to bring extra baggage, be sure to select the proper bag choice when you book your ticket because it can cost up to $60 to pay at the airport.

Additionally, oversized luggage might cost up to $100 more, so be mindful of the size and weight restrictions for the various bag options. Make sure your checked bag weighs 50 pounds or less to avoid additional charges.

How can I Minimize or avoid Sun Country Baggage Fees?

You are not required to pay Sun Country baggage fees only because you have checked or overhead baggage. When travelling on a Sun Country Airlines flight, there are ways to reduce or completely avoid bag fees.

Pack just one personal item

You won't be charged the Sun Country Airlines baggage fee if your bag fits under your seat. As a result, you need to be fully informed of Sun Country Airlines carry on bag size requirements. If you're going on a short trip, keeping your luggage to one personal item could save you $60 or more roundtrip in transportation costs.

Pay for baggage while making reservations

You might save $20 or more roundtrip on fees if you pay Sun Country Airline baggage costs before you leave for the airport. Additionally, weigh your bags before checking in to be sure they don't exceed the weight limits for both checked and overhead baggage; otherwise, you risk incurring additional charges.

Sign up for Sun Country Rewards

The airline's loyalty programme, Sun Country Rewards, allows passengers to accumulate points that may be used to purchase things like luggage selections. Sun Country products cost $1 when 100 points are redeemed.

Once you've signed up for the programme (which is simple to do by dialling the Sun Country Support Phone Number), you may begin collecting points whenever you book a Sun Country flight through the Sun Country website or a third-party service.

Bring your military ID with you

Active U.S. military members are entitled to one free overhead bag and two free checked bags. They also receive a waiver of the large bag tax for the first two checked baggage. When checking in at the airport, you must show your current Common Access Card with "Uniformed Services" affiliation in order to be eligible.

P.S. There are additional ways that military personnel can use credit cards to save a lot of money.

Take the Sun Country Visa Signature Card, for example

If you frequently fly with Sun Country, even if the Sun Country Visa Signature Card isn't on our list of top airline credit cards, it can still be a decent choice for you. As a member, you'll receive 50% off your first bag if you pay for it online or by phoning Sun Country Reservations. It helps you accrue points toward Sun Country excursions.

Other benefits include priority boarding on Sun Country flights, 10,000-anniversary bonus points, and one free premium drink on every flight. As long as you are a card member, there are no international transaction fees and no point expiration.

Make use of a global travel card

If you take advantage of annual travel credits, a more adaptable travel credit card that isn't linked to a certain brand may be able to get you free checked bags on Sun Country Airlines.

For instance, the Chase Sapphire Reserve offers a $300 annual travel credit, so you might get compensated for your expenses in Sun Country. A $250 credit is available with the Citi Prestige, which can be used for items like baggage charges. Additionally, you can "eliminate" your travel-related expenses, such as luggage fees, by earning rewards with the Capital One Venture. To choose the finest travel credit card for your circumstances, you should compare offers.

If you need further information regarding the same then you can call the Sun Country Support Phone Number which is available for your assistance 24*7.

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