How Strict is Allegiant with Carry-on Bags?

Allegiant has strict rules for carry-on pieces of baggage considering the specific weight and size of different types of carry-on baggage. The measurement will also include the size of wheels, pockets, handles, and decorations. So, it is advised to arrange your bags considering these parameters.  Additionally, passengers are allowed to bring mobility aids or assertive devices. Passengers can also bring medical equipment including diabetic supplies, a coat, jacket, diaper bag, or umbrella. The interesting part is that you do not have to pay and can charge for the same. This type of baggage allowance includes roll-aboard or garment bags. The carry-on baggage must be placed in the overhead compartment.  However, this blog by HolidayGlobes will provide you a complete information on the same:

Does Allegiant Allow free Carry-on?

If you are bringing one personal item with you onboard, you will not be charged any amount. However, if you bring a carry-on bag, the airline may levy a certain amount as a baggage fee under Allegiant Airlines' carry-on Policy. You can reserve your baggage by visiting the official airline portal at Manage Travel. Please note that if you add baggage at the airport, you might have to pay a higher amount of charges as a baggage fee.

How much is a Checked Bag with Allegiant?

Apart from personal items and carry-on baggage, you are also allowed to bring checked baggage with Allegiant Air. You can buy up to four checked bags per passenger. Each checked bag can weigh up to 50 pounds around 22 kilos.  The maximum size of each bag must not exceed 80 linear inches or 203 centimeters including height + width + length. There might be additional charges may apply for baggage that weighs more than 50 pounds, sports equipment, and/or oversized/excess baggage. Each passenger can carry up to 5 pieces of checked baggage. However, if you are reserving your flight online, you can bring up to 4 bags per person. If you wish to check luggage, you will be charged with a baggage fee. You will be charged some additional fees in case you are bringing sports equipment, excess baggage, or overweight and/or oversized checked bags.

How much does Allegiant Charge for Carry-on Bags?

The baggage fee is considered according to routes, per segment and when your bag is added to your itinerary. Additional charges may apply if you bring sports equipment. According to FAA/Security Directives, each passenger is limited to 2 bags in the cabin including one personal item and one carry-on bag. You must measure your bag with extra care. Remember that all exterior measurements include wheels, pockets, handles, and decorations. The Allegiant Airlines carry-on cost includes $10.00 to $75.

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