How to Get Seat Assignment on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is the country's flag carrier. In terms of passenger destinations, it was the largest mainline airline as of August 2019 and often flew to 315 places throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The airline offers more non-stop destinations from a single airport and flies to 126 countries, which is more than any other airline. The airline's cargo segment today serves 82 sites with a fleet of 24 cargo planes.

Depending on your needs and level of comfort, you can select your chairs. There are numerous types of seats from which to choose. If you want a more comfortable and enjoyable flight, request a seat with additional legroom. You can choose from a variety of seat options with Turkish Airlines.

You can select a seat with infant accommodations if you are traveling with a baby. At your seats, there are strollers for babies that can help you care for your child. The airline crew works well together to assist you with the infant. You can select the appropriate seat if your main priority is safety.

As you are aware, there are seats available next to the planes' emergency exits that are regarded as the safest options for seating on board; you can select one of these seats as well. If you prefer to check in either online or in person, you can select your seat. There are no assigned seats in business class. However, you might have to pay a little bit more for the seats in economy class. You may also give HolidayGlobes a call and we can help you choose a Turkish Airlines seat over the phone.

What is the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

  • Standard seats in the Economy Class cabin are available on Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights for free 355 days prior to departure until up to 1.5 hours before takeoff, and standard seats in the EcoFly package selections are available for purchase until up to 6 hours prior to takeoff for passengers who have purchased an EcoFly package flight but have not purchased a seat as of yet.
  • For the purposes of seat selection, purchasing options, and online check-in operations, domestic and international tickets acquired before May 11, 2022, as well as award tickets and international tickets, shall be deemed EcoFly package flight tickets. Business Class seat selection on Turkish Airlines' international and domestic flights is free up until the end of check-in.
  • Only passengers with tickets are eligible for paid seat selection. On flights where a reservation has been made, free seat selection is also available.
  • On all flights, travelers who are ill or have mobility issues can select aisle or window-side seats to avoid blocking the in-cabin emergency escape. Only group travelers (reservations with over 9 passengers) whose reservations have been made directly through the Turkish Airlines Reservations System are eligible for paid seat selection.
  • Only customers who can assist in an emergency evacuation are permitted to sit in the emergency exit seats; this policy does not apply to codeshare (partner) aircraft run by other airlines.
  • The passengers in question must be at least 16 years old and younger than 65, fluent in either Turkish or English, able to comprehend any written or spoken instructions given in either language, physically fit, and in excellent health. When prompted, passengers who want to occupy an emergency exit seat must certify their eligibility.
  • Passengers with young children, those with limited mobility, and those whose stature requires a second seat belt should not use the emergency exit seat.

How Do I Select my Seat on Turkish Airlines?

By visiting the Turkish Airlines website after making your reservation, you may quickly choose your seats, which range from Business Class to Economy Class. You may easily select your Turkish Airlines flight seat by clicking "My Booking." Just use these methods if you're thinking "How can I choose my seat on Turkish Airlines."

  • To alter the time and location of your flight, go to the Turkish Airlines website at
  • Search for the "My Booking" link on the homepage. Click on it when you find it.
  • Click "Turkish Seats" after that in this section.
  • You can learn more about your seat upgrade by selecting the "Seat Map" option.
  • If paying the fee is necessary, choose the Turkish Airlines seats that you want.

What are the Seat Properties on Turkish Airlines Flights?

When you book your flights with Turkish Airlines and you wish to sit in your preferred seat then you should know that for your seats you get the following amenities:

• 46 cm seat width on long-haul flights; • Seats with 79 cm of knee room for more space to move around in; • Seats that can be inclined 15 cm; • Middle seats that can convert to beds thanks to the erectable arm support; • Four-direction head support; • Personal monitors in sizes of 12 or 13.3 inches; • Adjustable foot support; • Battery charging station with universal sockets underneath the seats; • USB inputs between seats.

How much does it cost to Select a Seat on Turkish Airlines?

If you're traveling in business class, practically every seat is free, and you can select the one you want. Some seats on an economy flight are free, but the best seats—those with extra legroom, baby-friendly options, etc.—are paid for.

A domestic flight's seat options may cost between 45 and 75 TRY. Turkish Airlines charges between USD 9 and USD 1,295 for seat selection on international flights. Prices depend on the number of seats and the final destination of your flight.

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