Does Southwest offer a Military Discount?

Southwest provides you with a small convenience that lets you to go to the entire major sites around the world while serving your country and keeping your fellow people proud and safe. You may be eligible for military flight savings on all of your airfare, which may range from 5 to 10%.

The fact that airlines still offer airfare discounts to active duty and retired military personnel is therefore not surprising. We are grateful to Southwest Airlines for recognizing the sacrifices made by members of the US military on behalf of their country. Now, you can reach out to us at any hour of the day to get Military discounts. This page by HolidayGlobes helps you to get acquainted with the airline’s policies and amenities regarding Southwest Airlines Military Discount.

What are the Requirements for Getting Military Discount Flights?

There are requirements to meet, and various airlines provide different kinds of military discounts. There are discounts available for both travel and cargo. Others even provide worldwide travel, while some simply offer higher mileage accumulation through their frequent flyer programs. You will occasionally only be eligible for free checked luggage as a discount.

However, there are some rules to follow while reserving your inexpensive military flights, as you might expect, which are as follows.

  • In order to travel within seven days of being released from active duty, freshly enlisted personnel will require an ID card or separation documents because they won't yet have a military ID. Therefore, your status must be Active Duty.
  • Reservists and active National Guard troops may receive discounts from some airlines.
  • The price of non-refundable tickets; certain airlines give military members free refundable tickets.

Does Southwest offer a Military Discount?

Southwest Airlines has a strong sense of patriotism and is proud of every service member. Their military boarding policy allows active-duty service members who did not receive an "A" boarding permit to board between the A and B groups as long as they have a valid military ID. And apart from this, Southwest Airlines provide you with the following amenities:

  • Southwest Airlines military discounts are available to active service personnel and their dependents. Make a call to 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for further details.
  • Bookings for special pricing cannot be made online.
  • For active military personnel traveling on orders for permanent station changes or who are overweight or carrying numerous bags, Southwest waives ALL baggage costs.
  • Military personnel receive a third checked bag free of charge; otherwise, they must pay a $75 cost. The $75 cost for southwest military deals that are on active duty or have permanent change of station orders is also waived by Southwest.

Does Southwest waive Baggage Fees for the Military?

Customers who are active-duty military personnel are exempt. For additional pieces of luggage, there is no price as Southwest baggage fees for military personnel. Customers who are currently serving in the military must have a valid military ID in order to be excluded.

Military customers traveling on active duty are free from the two-piece baggage restriction and are not charged extra for excess, oversize, or overweight baggage as long as no one piece of luggage weighs more than 100 pounds and doesn't measure more than 80 inches (L+W+H). If the customer is a TSA-Known Shipper, bags wider than 80 inches may be transported as cargo instead of checked baggage.

  • For military personnel checking in, a current United States Uniformed Services Active Duty Identification Card must be shown.
  • A ticketed passenger (including military passengers) is only permitted to check a maximum of 20 pieces of luggage per flight.
  • Relatives flying separately from the active-duty service member are subject to the standard excess, oversized, and overweight fees.

Government and military discounts are proudly provided by Southwest Airlines. Military flights cannot be purchased online; instead, you must phone 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or go to a Southwest ticket counter. Government and military airfare cannot be purchased using Rapid Rewards points. Now if you have any queries or doubts then you can reach out to us for getting more information on Southwest Military flight deals.

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