Southwest Vs Spirit: What Will Be the Best Choice?

Life becomes upside down when you have to choose from the various best airline services. That’s where you must think wisely and opt for premium solutions. Choosing between Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines can be a difficult task. But, this complete analysis will help you decide what suits your needs and requirements. 

Is Southwest or Spirit safer?

The debate between Southwest vs Spirit has a long journey to go but in safety measurements which one is better? Let’s check out

Spirit Airlines: The airline is known for providing travel insurance to its passengers and ensuring their safety and other measurements are covered within, However, the different insurance packages may differ from one another. If you want it on your own terms, you have to talk to the customer assistance of the airline service.

Southwest Airlines:  If you are looking for travel insurance from Southwest, they do not provide travel insurance but they have add-on services to their passengers.

Is Southwest like Spirit?

If you are confused with both of them and not able to choose any of them. You must have come across some similarities in services. But, let me explain it with examples:

Seating experience

Southwest Airlines: The seating arrangement in Southwest is wide and comfortable. You can expect a decent range of seating plans where you can select your choice of seating whether it’s in aisle or window seat. However, it will completely depend on your early booking.

Spirit Airlines: The seating arrangement in Spirit has quite luxurious and comes with various options. They have economy seating, premium business class seating, and much more. You can also expect add-ons to your seating plan.

Food & beverages

Southwest Airlines: This is one of the rare companies that provide complimentary food & beverages. You can expect free snacks & cool drinks during your flight journey. Now, in the battle of Spirit vs Southwest, the win is completely on Southwest Airlines' side.

Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines does not provide any complimentary food & beverages item. If you want to make sure you are going to have free food & beverage, let us suggest you bring your own food & beverages.

Staff and hosting

Southwest Airlines: This airline company provides a great hosting experience to its passengers. Right from the morning greeting to any unpredictable assistance, the staff members are always on-boarded to take your call. All in all, the company has really less complaints from its passengers.

Spirit Airlines:  staff assistance in Spirit may be questionable for some and appreciable for many. Also, the company has a very impression amongst its passengers.

Is Southwest bigger than Spirit?

Southwest: In the debate of Spirit vs Southwest, the trophy goes to Southwest. Compared to Spirit, Southwest may not be that old but it strongly laid its foundation in 1967. It has extensively widened its reach amongst its passengers with attractive packages, adds-ons, and frequent flight options.

Spirit: The history of Spirit is quite old. The company first started in 1964 as a trucking company named the Clippers. In 1983, it started its first airline service with the name Charter One and then in 1992, it change to Spirit Airlines. Since then it has been growing at a decent pace. However, its reputation amongst passengers is quite decent.

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