Flight Cancellation & Get Refund Policy from Airlines – Omicron Variant

The airline industry is harassed with the new omicron variant of COVID-19. The Airline industry in the United States pf America has just seen the hectic day this Sunday after February 2022. However, it seems that a new omicron variant might be a threat for the industry in the next two weeks.

COVID-19 (Omicron) Test before Travelling:

To safeguard the health of our passengers and provide security during transit, airlines are implementing a number of new protocols to combat the spread of Ebola. Most international carriers require that all passengers who have travelled within the last 21 days from West Africa go through mandatory screenings. These tests are conducted with a combination of thermal scanners and hand-held metal detectors, which screen for elevated body temperatures and foreign objects on the human body.

Refund Policy due COVID-19 (Omicron Variant):

The airline has decided to compensate all the people who have been affected by the air travel ban. They are providing a refund for the ticket or a credit note with special flight discounts. Since they will continue to follow their policy until February 15, they will not be able to honor any changes in the original travel plans.

Airlines are reviewing their flight cancellation policy due to omicron variant. Every traveler who has an existing booking with an airline must know the airline's refund policy due to omicron variant.

Airlines Cancellation due to Omicron Variant:

This policy is applicable for "Omicron Variant" variant tickets only. Once the refund amount has been calculated, the same will be credited to the original mode of payment. If the origin and destination are on different tickets, the refund amount will be combined as per original ticket. However, consumer shall bear all incidental expenses including expenditure incurred due to cancellation charges levied by Airlines or Hotels. The above rules are subjected to change depending upon individual product features.

Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation due to Omicron Variant:

If your Qatar Airways flight is cancelled due to Omicron variant, you will receive a full refund or alternative flight within 4 hours. You must return to us for boarding within 2 days after the cancellation of your original flight. If you decide not to take alternative flights, you may take the tickets back for a full refund from Qatar Airways and all of the taxes that have been paid. We are sorry for any problem this may have caused you.

JetBlue Airways Flight Cancellation due to Omicron Variant:

Although JetBlue Airways has not made any changes to South African schedules, they are closely observing the impact of the Omicron Virus. If you want to cancel or change your JetBlue flights due to Omicron Variant to know the refund eligibility of your flight tickets. They will help you to get it cancelled and will make refund as per JetBlue Airways Refund Policy.

Delta Airlines Cancellation due to Omicron Variant:

Delta Airlines refunds due to the Omicron Variant virus. The Omicron variant is a specific type of refund that allows Delta customers to change their flight schedules with no penalty fee. This particular refund gives you up until one full year from your flight date to plan a new schedule. This refund only applies if your flight is due to be cancelled due to an illness or injury on the customer's end - in which case, the refund will be transferred into an alternative flight or travel voucher.

Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy due to Omicron Variant:

Copa Airlines cancellation policy due to Omicron Variant. It is important to know that in case of an outbreak, the airline requires that both the passenger and its attendant be tested before boarding the aircraft. If either one is positive, then they will not be allowed to get on the plane.

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy due to Omicron Variant:

Allegiant's cancellation and refund policy for Omicron applies to interline travel to or from airports with which Allegiant has a direct air service agreement, including both scheduled and on-demand flights.

Airline industry has still not made any big changes in their flight refund policy, however, they are closely monitoring the spread of the new COVID Variant ‘omicron’. An FCOI is involved in analyzing the current situation and informs us that they will announce the final FAA decision within 45-days. That’s why if you want to cancel your existing bookings it is recommended to do so ASAP. To get an instant refund call +1-888-595-2181.

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