How Do I Add Baggage to my Frontier Flight?

Passengers flying with Frontier Airlines are permitted to carry one personal item that they can easily manage in their hands while in flight, as well as one carry-on bag that must not exceed the weight of 50 lbs. if flying in economy class and 70 lbs. if flying in business class. If a traveler wishes to take more baggage beyond the weight limit set by the baggage policy, they must pay the excess baggage fees. If a traveler is caught with overweight or excess baggage at the time of check-in without a valid additional baggage allowance permit, they will be charged heavily for violating baggage policy guidelines. As a result, double-check that you must pay the excess baggage tax before bringing more luggage on the aircraft.

How Do I Check in Baggage on Frontier Airlines?

Domestic flights must be checked in with your luggage no later before 45 minutes ahead of flight departure timings, and international & domestic Flight booking on Frontier must be checked in minimum 60 minutes ahead of flight departure timings. There are multiple methods to check in baggage. Bringing your bags to the ticket counter is always a wise idea. Passengers who check in online or at a self-service airport kiosk can also bring their checked luggage to the check-in counter. You may need to wait in line to reach an agent, or the airport may have a designated location exclusively for luggage drop-off.

An agent will ask to see your boarding card and have you weighed each item of luggage on a scale at the desk. A checked bag's maximum weight is usually 50 pounds. Although the airline may allow a bigger suitcase, an overweight bag will result in a substantial fee. Checked bag costs can be paid at the counter, or they can be pre-paid online or at an airport kiosk. After asking a few questions to ensure the bag doesn't contain anything dangerous or forbidden, the agent should print a baggage tag to attach to the suitcase. In the case that the bag is misplaced during the trip, he or she will supply a sticker with a tracking number that matches the number on the tag.

Online Baggage Check-in:

You can easily check-in your baggage online at, also checked and carry-on luggage are less expensive there. Just let us know how many checked and carry-on bags you'll be bringing and make it more convenient by contacting us at HolidayGlobes and add your baggage requirement easily with us in minimum time.  Once you've checked in online and arrived at the airport, look for the bag drop signs located near our check-in counters in most airports. Keep in mind that all bags must be checked in 45 minutes before to departure.

How to Add Baggage in Frontier Airlines?

If you have previously booked a flight ticket with Frontier Airlines and have been looking for Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy, the read the further article where we have discussed everything about it. Baggage can be added throughout the booking process, at any time afterward, and at the airport via the Online & Mobile App, Ticket Counter, or even at The Gate, but this is the most expensive option.

To check your booking itinerary:

  • Go to My Trip/Check-In and enter your 6-character confirmation code and last name.
  • You'll be taken to your Manage My Booking page after that.
  • To purchase your bag(s), go to Manage My Booking and click the "Add Baggage" option at the top of the page.

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