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Frontier Airline is an American low-cost carrier headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Frontier Airlines offers flights to more than 100 destinations in the United States and 31 International Destinations. So, you must have to know about Frontier Airline Baggage Allowance before packing your bag for your trip. We are here with this post to let you know about the Frontier Airline Baggage Allowance.

What Baggage is Allowed on the Frontier?

Frontier airlines baggage allowance allows one personal item per person without any charge. Personal item dimension can’t be larger than 14” ×18” ×8”. These items can be computer bags, briefcases and kids backpacks.

  • Carry-On Baggage can’t be larger than dimension 24” × 10” × 16” including wheels and straps and weight not more than 35 pounds that can be placed over the head and under the seat. You can also buy one carry-on item that includes a suitcase, bags, backpacks. Keep in mind that the items weigh not more than 16 kg and have dimensions 61” × 41” × 25”.
  • Checked Baggage can’t be more than 62linear inches and not heavier than 50pounds. Extra baggage will charge 41-50 pounds. There are separate charges for oversized bags and bags weighing 100 pounds and more are not accepted.
  • Military personnel are allowed to carry two bags without paying any charges.

How much Does Frontier Charge on Carry-on Bags?

The Carry-on bag fee of Frontier Airline is as follows according to Frontier Airline Baggage Policy.

  • Charges during Online flight booking is USD37-USD39.
  • Online Fee 24 hours before your flight departure is USD40-USD42.
  • Charges during online check-in via phone is USD43
  • Charges via phone call are USD53-USD55
  • Charges during Counter Check-In at the airport is USD55
  • Charges at Airport is USD60.

What’s the fee for a Frontier Airline Checked Bag?

Frontier Airline Checked Bag fee with weight up to 23kg and for 2 bags is as follows:

  • Charges during Online flight booking is USD32-USD37
  • Online Fee 24 hours before your flight departure is USD38-USD45
  • Charges during online check-in via phone is USD40-USD46
  • Charges via phone call are USD55
  • Charges at Airport is USD50.

Here are Simple Steps to Pay an Extra Baggage Fee Online:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the MY TRIP option
  • Now enter your confirmation code and Last Name
  • Choose your flight and click on “ADD BAGGAGE”.
  • Pay the baggage fee after purchasing your baggage.

One of the best and easiest ways to pay the extra baggage fee is using the Frontier Airline mobile app. You just need to open your mobile app and go to the “MY TRIP/CHECK-IN” option. After that follow the instructions available on your screen to complete the payment of baggage.

You may visit to the official website of holidayglobes for any assistance related to your booking and extra baggage allowance. HolidayGlobes offers great discounts on your booking and we are connected to top airlines. You can also book your Frontier Airline ticket with holiday globes by contacting us at +1-888-595-2181 and send us mail at email:

Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance of FAQ

What’s the Frontier Airline Baggage fee for an Oversized and Overweight Bag?
Frontier Airline Baggage fee for Oversized and Overweight Bag is as follows:
• For an oversized bag weighing, 23kg-45kg is USD75
• For an overweight bag weighing, 23kg-45kg is USD75
What’s Frontier Airline Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment?
The Regular rule of Baggage Policy will apply for sports equipment that means you can carry tennis rackets, bows and arrows, hockey sticks, golf, etc. You have to pay for oversized and over baggage fees for extra baggage allowance of sports equipment.
Those travelling with a bicycle or antler have to pay a fee between USD75-USD100. We advise you to pack your sports equipment in a pack designed for them.
How can I pay an extra baggage fee to Frontier Airlines?
There are many ways to pay the applicable baggage fee of Frontier Airlines. To save your time and money you must do it at the time of booking via the official website or using the phone. You can also pay the fee at Airport.


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