What is Delta Air Lines Policy on Carry-on Allowances?

Regardless of the airline, you choose to fly in, you should be well acquainted with its baggage allowance policy which will help to prevent any unwanted inconveniences that you may have to face for your luggage. This article mentions the restrictions of your baggage you should abide by when traveling with Delta Airlines.

Delta Carry-on Baggage Allowance Fees & Tips:

Irrespective of the Delta cabins you are traveling in, you are permitted to bring 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag at no charge.

This should be noted that each bag must not measure more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Moreover, there are no weight restrictions on the majority of the routes for your carry-on bag. Except for the Delta flights that fly to/from China and Singapore.

In accordance with the Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance policy, any bassinet or seat that your infant child uses while riding on your lap counts toward your carry-on luggage allowance. If you haven't reserved a flying seat for your newborn, they are not eligible for any carry-on allowance.

At check-in, strollers can be checked in for free as carry-on luggage. There is no additional cost associated with the strollers, and they are not regarded as regular checked luggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance for Delta Air Lines:

For Basic Economy, Main Economy, and Delta Comfort Class:

Your checked baggage should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

For Delta One Class and Premium Select:

Your checked bag's weight should not be more than 70 pounds.

Each of your checked bags should not measure more than 62 linear inches. And if you have a Delta One or Premium Select class ticket fare then you are permitted to bring 2 checked bags at no extra cost regardless of the routes your flight takes.

Baggage fee involved on Delta Air Lines Flights

  • For the first checked bag on Delta Airlines, you have to pay USD 30.
  • For the second checked bag on Delta Airlines, you have to pay USD 50.

The maximum number of checked bags allowed is 10. However, you will have to pay additional charges from the third bag onward.

FAQs about Delta Air Lines Baggage Allowance Policy

How many bags can you bring on a Delta flight for free?
As a carry-on bag, you can bring 1 carry-on luggage and 1 personal item for free. And for only certain destinations can you bring 2 checked bags for free, which are:
Kuwait, Australia, India, and a few more. You can contact the airline to know more.
What is the excess baggage fee on Delta Airlines?
For your third bag, you have to pay USD 150, and then for the fourth to the tenth bag, you will have to pay an amount of USD 200.
What is the overweight baggage fee on Delta Airlines?
If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds then it will be overweight for Delta.
  • For bags weighing from 51 to 70 pounds, a charge of USD 100 will be there.
  • For bags weighing from 71 to 100 pounds, a charge of USD 200 will be there.
  • For bags weighing more than 100 pounds, the airline will not be accepted.
What is the oversize baggage fee on Delta Airlines?
For bags weighing from 63 to 115 linear inches, a charge of USD 200 will be there for each bag. And the bags measuring more than 115 linear inches will not be accepted.
Are there fees for sports equipment on Delta Airlines (DL)?
Skis, golf bags, fishing gear, hockey, and lacrosse equipment, among other types of sporting goods, will be accepted up to Delta Airlines' size and weight restrictions; each of these items will count as one checked bag. Associated costs could be charged.
Can I carry CPAP equipment on the flight?
Regardless of how long you may decide to use the gadget as a carry-on item, customers traveling with one of the approved assistive devices (CPAP) must also have 150 percent of their actual flight length in battery life.


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