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Icelandair, the national airline of Iceland, has a baggage allowance policy that ensures a comfortable travel experience for its passengers. It's advisable to review the specific details and any possible exceptions on the Icelandair baggage policy which is elaborated on this page by HolidayGlobes.

What is the Icelandair Baggage Policy?

Icelandair baggage policy allows for various items to be carried on board or checked in:

Carry-On Baggage:

  • One carry-on bag: Passengers are typically allowed one carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg (22 lbs) and dimensions not exceeding 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (21.6 in x 15.7 in x 7.8 in).
  • Personal item: In addition to the carry-on bag, passengers are generally allowed to bring a personal item such as a handbag, laptop bag, or small backpack, as long as it fits under the seat in front of them.

Checked Baggage:

  • Checked bags: Passengers are typically allowed to check in one or two bags, depending on the fare class and destination, with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) per bag in Economy Class and 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag in Saga Class.

What are the Prohibited Items on Icelandair Flights?

Certain items are prohibited from being carried on board or checked in, such as explosives, flammable materials, firearms, and other dangerous objects. Additionally, there are restrictions on liquids, gels, and aerosols carried in hand luggage, which must adhere to the regulations of the relevant aviation authorities.

Does Icelandair Charge for Baggage?

Yes, Icelandair generally charges for checked baggage on most of its flights. The Icelandair Baggage Fees vary depending on factors such as the route, fare type, ticket class, and frequent flyer status. Here are some general guidelines regarding baggage charges:

1. Economy Class: Passengers traveling in Economy Class usually have a baggage allowance included in their ticket fare. It could be around USD 59 to USD 95.

2. Saga Class: Passengers traveling in Saga Class, the business class of Icelandair, generally have a more generous baggage allowance included in their ticket fare. Similar to Economy Class, additional or overweight/oversized bags may attract additional charges that could cost around USD 174.

How to Add Excess Bags on Icelandair Flights?

To add excess bags on Icelandair flights:

  • Review the Icelandair baggage policy to understand the standard baggage allowance and any applicable fees for excess bags.
  • Get in touch with Icelandair customer service via phone or email.
  • Once you have communicated your intention to add excess bags, Icelandair customer service will inform you of the applicable fees.
  • After paying the excess baggage fees, you should receive a confirmation or an updated itinerary reflecting the addition of the excess bags.

How much is a Carry-on Bag with Icelandair?

Icelandair generally allows one carry-on bag to be brought on board free of charge. This carry-on bag should meet the size and weight restrictions specified in their baggage policy. The dimensions typically should not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (21.6 in x 15.7 in x 7.8 in), and the maximum weight allowed is 10 kg (22 lbs).

It's important to note that this information is based on the general guidelines of Icelandair carry on policy, and specific conditions may vary depending on factors such as the fare type, ticket class, and destination. For more details, you can reach out to HolidayGlobes at any moment of the day, we are here for you 24*7.

FAQs on Icelandair Baggage Allowance

How many checked bags am I allowed on Icelandair flights?
In Economy Class, you are typically allowed one checked bag. Saga Class passengers may have a higher allowance, often two checked bags.
Are there fees for excess baggage on Icelandair?
Yes, fees may apply for excess baggage. The charges depend on factors such as weight, size, and the route you are flying that could be around USD 59 to USD 174.
Can I bring a personal item along with my carry-on bag?
Yes, in addition to your carry-on bag, you are generally allowed to bring a personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag.
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