Emirates Checked Luggage Allowance, Size, Fees and Weight Policy

You can check as many bags as you want, as long as they don't exceed the weight limit for your travel. Each bag must not exceed from 37 kg. Except for travel to and from the America and Africa, the weight principle applies to all routes.

The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines is renowned for carrying millions of travelers worldwide. It is the world’s largest airline which is acclaimed to be among the fastest-growing carriers worldwide. Not only that, Emirates Airlines is the biggest operator of the Airbus A380 airplanes making it pursue an aggressive network more so eminently. From its operating hub at Dubai Intl Airport, Emirates reaches out with its services to North America, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

This article is dedicated to informing you about the Emirates baggage allowance policy. So, the next time you fly with this airline, you are well informed about the Emirates baggage allowance. The policies have been articulated to make the safest travel possible.

The Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy

Travelers prefer Emirates Airlines because its baggage allowance policy favors them. The Emirates baggage allowance rules consist of numerous guidelines about carrying checked baggage, carry-on baggage, and oversized baggage with some weight-limit restrictions. The Emirates baggage allowance for checked baggage is as follows:

  • The Emirates baggage allowance is based on the weight and dimensions of your luggage.
  • The fare class you book will determine if you will be able to bring several bags on board. And as per the size concept of Emirates Airlines, there’s no restriction on the quantity of bags you bring as long as they do not exceed the weight restrictions under the Emirates baggage allowance.
  • If you do not adhere to the weight limitations of Emirates, you may not be able to board a flight more so be charged a fine. Not adhering to the weight limitations might lead you to get charged a fine or you may be unable to board the flight.
  • Limitations in the weight of the luggage as per the Emirates baggage allowance vary depending on the class cabin type.
  • The maximum size dimensions of any luggage are 59 linear inches and 118 linear inches, but the weight may vary as mentioned below.

Baggage Allowance on Emirates Economy Class:

In the Economy Class, the maximum weight of the luggage can be 50 pounds. The same goes for the Premium Economy class.

Baggage Allowance on Emirates Business Class:

In the Business Class, the maximum weight of the luggage can be 70 pounds. The same goes for the First class.

Emirates Extra Baggage Cost

In case limiting your baggage to the Emirates baggage allowance policy is close to impossible and there are things that you do not wish to travel without, then what can you do?

  • Emirates has considered such a possibility a likely one and hence has come up with the solution: Emirates Airlines enables its travelers to bring along more baggage than has been initially permitted. By submitting the Emirates extra baggage cost, additional luggage can be carried.
  • For Economy travelers, the extra baggage weight should be under 50 pounds.
  • The Emirates baggage fees of $30 on carrying more than 50 pounds weighing luggage.
  • The Premium Economy, Business, and First-Class travelers can bring up to 70 pounds of luggage.
  • The extra baggage can never surpass 110 pounds of weight.

These are the guidelines for extra baggage but what if your current luggage is oversized or overweight? Emirates Airlines have a solution for that as well.

Items Under Free Baggage Allowance:

Your overweight luggage will charge you $75, your oversized luggage will charge you $250, and if it’s both overweight and oversized, you will be charged $325.

Items Outside Free Baggage Allowance On Emirates:

Your overweight luggage will charge you $275, your oversized luggage will charge you $325, and if it’s both overweight and oversized, you will be charged $400.

These are the Emirates baggage allowance policy for its travelers. It is advised to check your luggage’s weight and size to avoid facing extra charges. And in case you still have any doubts or need clarification regarding your baggage allowance you can reach out to us any time of the day, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. We at HolidayGlobes are here to help you out always.

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